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Midnight in the Engine House     Oil 36 x 24

  Travel in Time --- 19th Century Steam Locomotives in the 21st Century.   

There is a town in northern Nevada where steam locomotives still rule the railroad. The name of this town is Ely Nevada.

Ely is one of the most remote cities in the contiguous United States. It was once the largest city in Nevada, now it is almost forgotten, just a crossroad where US 50, 93 and 6 all met to trade traffic. 

My visit to Ely in the Summer 2011 was the flash point that started my adventure with locomotives.  Their beauty, power, earthy smell, and evocative sound immediately fascinated me.  

Captivating too were their elegant, romantic profiles, mechanical complexity, and Victorian design sensibilities. Fire breathing, smoke belching cacophony of motion gives each engine its own vibrant personality! 

Just as complex as the engines themselves are the volunteers who still have the skills to keep the boilers hot and the wheels turning.  

It is my newfound passion to convey the beauty of these 19th century relics to a  21st Century audience.     ---- Yoko Mazza

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